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Student Policies & Procedures 2023

Course Details

  • Course Curriculum - Online with Arapatsa

  • Courses by Level:

  • 6 Hour Mission Plans

    • Each 3 hour plan should be prepared for by 3 hours of self study on Arapatsa.
      • More than 3-hours of preparation indicates you are focusing too much attention on non-essential material. See more details here.
      • Please note that from Beginner onwards, every full mission will take three hours to complete, and is made up of 6 steps. The 6th step will be the completion of a final creation with your teacher. This mission must then be uploaded to your student folder. For complete details, see The 6-Step Mission Breakdown.
    • Pace yourself! General ideas and gist comprehension is key. It is never necessary to have 100% clear understanding of all content. For complete details, see The 6-Step Mission Breakdown.
  • Enrollment & Duration

    • Students are enrolled in courses as part of a program with a fixed start and end date.
      • Please note, the completion of a program does NOT imply completion of a level. Students are expected to achieve 80% of the “Can-Do Statements” of the level they are enrolled to consider a level complete. Upon achievement of 80% of these Can-Dos, the student must pass a level test before they continue to the next level. This may happen at any point during their program dates.
    • Courses are not organized for less than 6 hrs per week (including study time).
    • Please keep in mind that Course Guides are not fixed to one student/group. Esukhia encourages as much student rotation as a particular program may allow, and reserves the right to change the Course Guide of any lesson at any point.
  • Student Orientation

Before students begin their study at Esukhia, they are required to attend the Student Orientation and record themselves making the Tibetan Language Oath.

This is designed to familiarize new and returning students to the school environment and operation.

  • Level Assessment & Feedback

    • Level Assessment - Students must pass a level assessment to enroll in any course above entry level to determine the most appropriate material for your studies. Please note that you will not be accepted into the next level of study without an assessment of the previous level.
      • Mission Plans - must be uploaded to your student folder, as well as the designated group chat of your program.
      • Testing - Testing between levels is required.
    • Feedback - All sessions will be live-streamed on YouTube for purposes of quality control and course development.

The “We speak Tibetan” Policy

Whether studying online or in person, teachers and students are required to converse strictly in Tibetan. The only exception to this rule is if you must communicate with the administration, and what you need to communicate is impossible for you to express in Tibetan.

Cancellations & Schedule Changes

  • There are scheduled absences and unscheduled absences:
    • Students must maintain an attendance at or above 80% to receive course credit.
    • Scheduled absences (if approved by the program coordinator) should be scheduled 36 hours in advance.
    • If the student is more than 20 minutes late for any class (including 3-hour mission sessions), it is considered an unscheduled absence and counted as a full absence.
    • If a scheduled lesson is more than 1 hour and the student is planning to attend the 2nd and 3rd hours, they must inform their Program Director so that course guides understand the student is eventually coming.
  • Schedule is arranged with the program coordinator and will have as few changes as necessary.
    • Classes are fixed in one timezone from the start of a program. If a student joining from another timezone experiences a timeshift different from that of the timezone selected, they are required to adjust accordingly.
    • In case you are not able to make a scheduled session, kindly remove yourself as a guest from the scheduled appointment, or notify your course guide directly ( so the teacher may mark your absence without concern of it being a technical issue.
    • If for any reason the mission is not completed during the designated lesson time, the student is required to complete the missing mission before moving onto the next mission.
      • The make up class must arranged by the student (at their personal expense) with an approved Esukhia Course Guide. This mission MUST be completed before being allowed to proceed to the following mission.
  • Esukhia’s Commitment
    • If for any reason your designated teacher is not able to attend the session:
      • Another qualified instructor will be provided.
    • In the very unfortunate event of cancellation:
      • Esukhia will provide an additional session free of charge. In such event, we will request you to send three alternatives times for these sessions.

What does a course fee include?

Esukhia is a non-profit organization. The course fees cover:

  • Teacher’s training & salary
  • Administrative Support & Overhead
  • Quality Control
  • Study material in audio-visual and PDF format (electronic versions only)

The school fee does NOT cover:

  • Paper version of textbooks or school supplies
  • Research and Development for Tibetan as a Second Language
  • Accommodation

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