Introduction to Sentence Patterns

Goes together with the following table:


Great video Drupchen! Very useful and clarifying! Thanksss! :pray: :clap:
Would it be possible for us to download the spreadsheet as a google sheet so that we can write on our on? It downloads as an html. Thanks again! Amazing work!

Thank you so much Drupchen!! It is a very practical, useful and clear explanation about sentence patterns.

I would like also to download the spreadsheet as an excel document, could you please let it available, so we can do it?

Thank you for your time and dedication to help the ones of us who are struggling to understand the Tibetan grammar rules and patterns :slight_smile:

The link is now updated.

Watched just now. This is extremely helpful, Drupchen! Thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:t3: