དེད་སང་ and སྡེ་ས་

Hello Dirk!

What is the difference between:

དེད་སང་ and སྡེ་ས་ and how to use them in the sentences?

(ངའི་སྡེ་ས་བྲ་ཛིལ་ཡིན། ང་དེད་སང་བྲ་ཛིལ་ཡོད།) Which one is correct (my residence is in… / I am in a place call….?)

For Brazil , what is better word in Tibetan? what do you think? :slight_smile: བྲ་ཛིལ or པརཱ་ཛིལ?

དེང་སང་ = these days / currently
བསྡད་ས་ = place you live or sit

དེང་སང་ ང་ བྷ་ར་ཛིལ་ ལ་ བསྡད་ཀྱི་ ཡོད། These days, I’m living in Brazil.
ངའི་ བསྡད་ས་ བྷ་ར་ཛིལ་ ལ་ རེད། My place is (in) Brazil.*

I think your second spelling is better. Like we saw w/ “gram”, we need to show the ‘r’ is pronounced! I also saw this spelling: བཱརཱ་ཛིལ་

*typically your བསྡད་ས་ is your house, so you’re saying your house, ie the place you stay, is in that country, not that that country is the place you stay (if that makes sense)