2022 TSL program timeline

Topic Requirement Deadline Update
Need a clear job description (Elite program etc.) Need to make very clear what are the leave plan!!! 8h Full time job - 40000 to 50000rs
Having Guides on full time job (Elite guides and guides in training) need answer from the guides (meet with them 1:1, schedule in calendar with Nitin)
Having 5 Guides in Elite groupe Takes little bit time to fix them till we on’t have their 100% availability July 5 at the moment: Youga, Lobsang, Jampa la, Khadro, Rinchen? / Sonam Dolkar when she is back?
Hiring Guides by program
Train Guides on CEFR (assessment)
Budget needed for Guides training (paid training)
Prevent KP + DS from any of the " I don’t want to hear that…"
Give ranking on the students by the guides (for KP program) 09th June DONE